PragerU is NOT being censored by Google/YouTube

A screenshot from the “innocent” video Dennis Prager complained was filtered on Restricted Mode and insists this is a form of conservative censorship.

A few months ago, right wing propaganda YouTube channel Prager”U” released a view titled “Who Will Google Silence Next?” Long story short, the video makes the argument that having several of their videos filtered on Restricted Mode (which is off by default, and exists so that parents can restrict the type of content their children can watch) sets some sort of Orwellian precedent. It’s likely you’ve never even heard of Restricted mode. That’s because, aside from being off by default, it’s almost impossible to find (and therefore, to turn on).

Not surprisingly, the video doesn’t give you examples of the videos that are being actually being filtered in restricted move. Rather, they show examples of their more innocent videos and imply that all of their videos are similarly innocuous. Here are some titles and descriptions of videos that aren’t being shown to children whose parents have decided to only allow them to browse in restrictive mode:

Misapplied quotes and ominous music are not valid arguments.

Also, many of Dennis Prager’s “Fireside chats” seem to be filtered. It’s not difficult to imagine the topics he covers being considered not safe for children.

“Our videos are as innocent as exist on the internet…”

The PragerU video shows a screenshot of an email from Google explaining that the restricted videos are deemed inappropriate for children, and suggests they visit their community guidelines, which, as you can see, are pretty straightforward:

Your content & Restricted Mode

And so there it is. PragerU is now suing Google for following their own community guidelines regarding not showing child-inappropriate videos in restricted mode.

Dennis Prager Claims YouTube is censoring conservative content

Lastly, Prager is complaining that this is some sort of anti-Conservative conspiracy. I guess he doesn’t realize what Left wing YouTubers are getting hit with…



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